Tuesday, November 28, 2006

She knows the whole alphabet

In the bath we have a poster of the alphabet on the wall. I got it at the 100 yen store, it is plastic and sticks to any flat surface. Hana LOVES going over it while we are soaking in the bath. Tonight I asked her each letter and she got them all correct the first time except for I, S and Z which she needed a second guess on! She is so amazing!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Hold you"

I have always thought that the stage where children don't know how to use "me" or "I" yet is sooooooooo cute! Hana is starting to do this. Sometimes she uses it properly but one of my favorite things that she has wrong is this phrase... "hold you!" which means she wants you to pick her up. It just makes my heart melt when that sweet little voice says "hold you". Sooooooooooo sweet! I can never deny her, because we have taught her to ask nicely, without whining and she truely does. So I have been holding her a lot lately cause she figured out that this works! But I figure it won't be too long before I can't hold her anymore cause she'll be too heavy, so I don't mind! She is just soooooooooooooooooo precious to me.

Lately, it is almost like I have amnesia or something, I forget that she is adopted and I wonder why I don't remember being pregnant with her or giving birth to her. She is so much like us, has so many similar characteristic that could not have been "learned" and I am just amazed that I didn't give birth to her. I truely forget! I totally understand now those parents who introduce their family and say, "one is adopted but I forget which one!"

She is also such a healthy eater! She has FINALLY started to eat some sweet things. She'll take a piece of chocolate now and then, or some ice cream, but she never wants a lot, she doesn't want anymore after a few bites. She LOVES veggies! We sit down to eat and the first bowl she grabs is her salad, scarfs it down and asks for more. This evening we had stir fry and she was picking out the spinach, onions and mushrooms with her fingers. Her FAVORITE food by far is cucumbers. On the walk back from the market the other day she asked for a cucumber from the shopping bag and ate the whole thing by the time we got back home. Everyone we passed on the street thought it was so amazing and cute! I agreed!

She is talking so much more these days, and is using more English with each passing day so Mommy feels better about that. Her favorite two things to say in Japanese though are "what's that" and "look". Daddy and I try to always tell her "say it in English" before we respond. So now, whenever I use the phrase "say it in English" even though she is trying to say something else, she immediately says "look". If I shake my head no and don't respond, she will then blurt out "what's", if I still don't respond she will say, "that". (cracks me up that she trys saying "what's that" in two different tries) And if I still don't respond, she starts babbling nonsense! It is so funny! Then I coach her on what to say and she repeats it. so funny!

Hana said the prayer for us at dinner tonight for the first time. When we held hands to pray, she started babbling with her head bowed, so Daddy asked her to say the prayer. She just grinned and stared at us. So I told her what to say and she said it! TOOOOOOOOOOOO precious for words. I nearly cried.

After the years of infertility we dealt with I can not believe I am so blessed to be this little Angel's Mommy. She is straight from heaven and we are so blessed!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A few new pics...

This girl can play hard and stack blocks! She built that stack all by herself!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

My sweet family!!!

Look at my Mommy and Daddy and me!!!!!!!!!!