Saturday, December 26, 2009

You can join my milk!

Tonight at dinner, I was cautiously feeding Kai. He's had a cold and a lot of crud. Every time he eats he coughs a lot and usually ends up throwing up most of what he ate. This has been going on for days so Mommy's appetite has not been what it normally is. I can take blood, I can take gore, I can take pain and tears, but I can NOT take vomit. Not the sounds, or the smell, and especially not the sight of it. But when you are a Mommy there isn't much you can do. So at dinner tonight Kai's had more of an appetite than he's had in days, and I was so happy he was eating, I kept giving him whatever he wanted. Of course after a while the coughing started and then he threw up and I was right there for the whole thing. Luckily most of it landed in his bib pocket and Daddy ran to the rescue to wipe it up. I was enjoying a wonderful little dinner up until then and was so disappointed to have my appetite ruined again. So I said, "Oh man, I really wanted to enjoy my meal. ugh!" Our precious darling Hana, always with a positive encouraging comment when one of us is discouraged... "Mommy, that's okay. You can join my milk!"

IF you get that, and it makes you laugh, I hope it was worth the read!