Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hana is currently working on getting her past, present and future tense words in order. It is hilarious to have a conversations with her. They go like this...

(Hana's lines in bold)

At 9 pm on the way home from an event...
"Mommy, where going today?"
"We are going home to go to bed, it's late!"
"but, where going today?"
"We are going home, I said."
"Where going day-morrow?"
"We are going home today. Do you mean tomorrow?"
"yes, where going day-morrow?"
"You need to say, 'Where are we going tomorrow.' Hana."
"Yea, "where going day-morrow?"
"You mean tomorrow?"
"yea, day-morrow!"

I have no idea where she got the words today and tomorrow blended but this is so stuck in her vocabulary, after a couple weeks of daily coaching her to just say "tomorrow" she still can't do it! So funny!

Another conversation on almost a daily basis. The word "yesterday" applies to ANYTHING in the past.

"Bible story time!"
"I read this one yesterday."
"No, yesterday we read this one (pointing to the previous story in her Bible), you haven't heard this story in a long time."
"No mommy, I read this one (today's story) yesterday."
"No, we did THIS ONE (yesterday's story) yesterday."
"Yea, and I read THIS ONE (today's story) yesterday."
"Do you mean, you've read this story BEFORE?"
"Yea, I read this one (today's story) yesterday!"

And a conversation I had about our whole week's schedule with her...

"Mommy, where going today?"
"Today you are going to preschool and Mommy is going to speak at chapel."
"Where going day-morrow?"
"Tomorrow, you are going to preschool, and Mommy has a meeting and Daddy has Gos-Kita recording."
"Hana go too?"
"No, Hana has to go to preschool."
"Mommy, where going day-morrow next day?" (I thought it was amazing how she came up with a way to convey day after tomorrow!)
"We are going to go to our church's cafe."
"Hana go too?"
"Yes, Hana go too!"

I didn't realize that kids had such a concept of future events this early in their life. So fun to watch her grow up and learn these concepts, and to see how her language develops!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mic please...

Follow up to the post about "mic please"! She does almost the same thing every night now, so we caught it on tape. She changes the way she's acting when she notices the camera, but you get the picture!

I'm a horse!

Conversation in the car on the way to eat dinner...

Daddy: I don't know why but suddenly I'm so hungry!
Hana: Hana hungry too!
Daddy: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!
Hana: Me too!
Daddy: Wow, you can eat a horse?
Hana: Yea, Hana eat a horse too!

Conversation in the car after dinner...

Daddy: Wow Hana you're tummy is so full, look at that!
Hana: YEA Daddy, I'm a horse!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Microphone Please!

Little miss priss! Oh my goodness she cracked Mommy and Daddy up last night, I would give anything for video of this moment. Every evening after her bath, I plop her down on the counter in the bathroom to blow dry her hair. She always like to open the medicine cabinet door where the mirror is facing her, and sing and play while I'm drying.

Last night, I sat her up there and as I was plugging in the drying she was grinning at her reflection, tilting her head and raising her shoulder, flirting with herself. When she was quite satisfied that she looked good, she threw her hand up over her shoulder in my direction and announced, "Microphone, please." in such a matter of fact, sassy voice I couldn't believe that was coming from a 3 year old! Daddy and I just died laughing. I handed her a brush, and she proceeded to give us a concert while I dried her hair. She never did figure out what was so funny.

Is she the child of a couple of performers, or what!? What a riot!

Monday, February 11, 2008

That's ok Mommy!

I mentioned in my recent post that Hana is such an encourager. Well she just amazes me with this. Yesterday at lunch I made one of Hana's (and my) favorite things. It's called koyadofu, it's a kind of tofu. The broth you cook it in is sooooo yummy, and Hana and I both really really love this food. During lunch Hana had two pieces of the tofu, and then she got up to go to the restroom at one point. She sometimes takes her sweet time actually getting to the bathroom and getting BACK to the table. She had eaten quite a lot of rice and salad, so I thought she was probably almost finished with her lunch. I proceeded to eat all of the tofu that was left. Hana eventually returned to her seat, and I was already at the sink washing dishes. At one point she realized all the tofu was gone and she yelled, "HEY, where tofu go?!!! I want more!" I sheepishly confessed that I had eaten it all and I was very sorry (it had sort of occured to me that she might want more, but I thought to myself "nahhhh" and at the last piece). I appologized to her several times and promised to make it again soon. Then a few minutes later I said, "Oh Hana I feel really bad that I ate all the tofu, I'm really sorry!" And she just grinned at me, patted me on the arm and said, "It's okay Mommy! It's okay!" sooooo sweet and if you could just hear her little voice and the way she pronounces "okay", it'll just melt your heart.

Then this morning, at breakfast, she again decided she needed to get up and go to the restroom during the meal. Before she left the table, she pointed to her oatmeal and said, "Don't anybody eat this I'm gone... 'kay?" I just chuckled and promised her oatmeal was safe. I then asked Rocky where he thinks she got that from, we never tell people not to eat our food when we get up from the table? I don't even know where she learned to put together that sentence. It just occured to me while I was writing this post, maybe she was afraid mommy would eat all her oatmeal, since I had eaten all her tofu the day before!


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Growing girl...

This morning Hana asked to see video of herself from when she was a baby. I decided to sit beside and watch some too. It seems unreal to me that she was that little. We watched from 3-6 months and also from 12-15 months. It seems like just yesterday that she came, and yet at the same time I can't imagine that there was ever a time she couldn't talk and run around and feed herself and so forth. That time passed OH SO quickly. Especially since we waited so many years for this precious gift to come along. I really want to slow down the clock.

This afternoon she was getting cranky. We are in an in between stage where she doesn't really need a nap some days but other days she does. Today I was thinking she didn't need a nap because last night she had a hard time falling asleep in the evening after having a two hour nap yesterday afternoon. I left for the gym at 8:30 and when I came home a little after 10:00 she was still singing and talking to herself in bed. I went up to re-tuck her in as Daddy had already done his duties, and even after that she was awake and talking and singing for a while. SOOOO, I'm trying to figure out what to do about naps. Most days at preschool she doesn't sleep at all, those days she goes down very well but she can get cranky on those evenings, and will often fall asleep in the car around 5 or 6 if we go somewhere (which messes up bedtime). So should I limit naps and wake her after 30 minutes or so (but waking her up makes her a bear)! When she was getting cranky this afternoon I let her crawl up in my lap for some cuddling and eventually she fell asleep there. It was so sweet to hold her while she slept, I rarely get to do that anymore. With my movements and talking to Rocky she woke up about 30 minutes later. Tonight we are running late for bedtime also, so I am hoping she will have no problem falling asleep.

Speaking of, gotta go get her out of the bath and put her to bed... brb

Anyways, she is just such a sweetheart. She loves to love people. And her babies are really REALLY her babies. I didn't realize how much so until yesterday. We were at our church and one little boy who was there came up and whacked her baby on the head. You would have though he hit Hana for how she screamed. She came running to me crying and I realized her cry was a heart-broken cry, not one of pain. She was REALLY really heart-broken that her baby had been treated so badly. It was funny but at the same time I could see how very tender hearted she really is about the thing she loves.

She is such an encourager too. She often uses the line, "It's ok Mommy!" If she sees I am disappointed or worked up about something. This comes with a pat or a kiss.

Night before last when I came home from being gone somewhere for a little bit, she came running to me and said, "Mommy, I spill juice. I'm sorry!" I thought that was so honest and sweet. I asked her if she told Daddy about it and she said, "yes" and I asked if Daddy cleaned it up and she said "yes". So I asked if she thanked Daddy? She ran to him and said "thank you Daddy!"

When she is in good spirits and not overtired or hungry she is very thoughtful like this. She is not always this way, especially if she is tired.

We are still struggling with picking up toys. I do NOT know what is going to be the breakthrough on that. Tonight she lost her sticker, and I still had to tell her many many times to pick up the remaining toys. Finally I told her whatever is left on the floor I am throwing it away. THAT didn't work, she could care less that I really threw away the toys that were left on the floor (some paper money, a small watering can, and some plastic kitchen veggies). So, that didn't work. Maybe toy time out? If throwing them away didn't work I don't think time out will though, cause she clearly understand that things going in the trash don't come back.

It is fun and exciting but not without it's challenges, that is something to say about parenting!

Not a peep from her bed tonight, I think she is already out. Ok, a 30 minute nap and late bedtime works... noted! LOL

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pics and fun stuff...

Just thought I'd share some more about our sweet little girl (whose growing like a weed)!!!

Here are some pics to start off with...

Every morning while waiting for Mommy to fix breakfast and the heaters to warm up the room, Hana and Daddy enjoy a little "hold-you cuddle cuddle" time!

This is one of Hana's best buddies Corkey, we do English time together on Saturday mornings twice a month. They LOVE to play together!

Hana REALLY enjoys books these days. She loves to "read" them herself AND have someone read for her.

This is Hana's other best buddy, Mia! She gets soooooooo excited when she's going to get to spend time with Mia. Yesterday on the way home from church we were making plans to go to Mia's house for dinner, and Hana wanted to go IMMEDIATELY. I told her she had to nap or she couldn't go to Mia's house. Then she wanted to take a nap IMMEDIATELY! The minute her eyes popped open from her nap the first thing she said was "Mommy, I take a nap! Let's go to Mia's house!" It was so hard to get her to wait until Mommy and Daddy were ready to go too.

One time recently when she fell asleep in the car with her hat on. I just threw this one in as a cute bonus!

She's growing so fast. She's almost 3 feet tall (35.5 inches to be exact) and weighs almost 30 pounds! I can not believe my baby is that big.

She'll talk your ear off in either language. It is so cute to watch her when she is in a room with Japanese AND Enlgish speakers. She has her designated language for each person and she'll flip back and forth between the two like it's a piece of cake. She even translates for her Grandma these days. If Mommy and Daddy are having a conversation in front of Baba in English, Hana will tell Baba in Japanese what we are talking about! We are to that stage that we have to be careful what we say in front of her cause she is understanding it ALL!

It is a joy to be her Mommy. She's full of hugs and kisses all day long, and loves to help me wash veggies and prepare for dinner! She REALLY loves to take care of her babies which reminds me of one more picture I have to share. I was cleaning up the kitchen the other day and turned around to see this scene in the living room...

I guess she thought her babies needed a little TV time too, they were all enjoying VeggieTales I think!!! Too cute, I just love the way she has her legs crossed and is slumped down in her chair. Looks like a teenager already, OH PLEASE time SLOW DOWN!!!