Monday, September 15, 2008

recent funnies...

Just wanted to blog a quick little update about some funny things Hana has done lately, before I forget them.

The other night after dinner, we put some praise music on and we were dancing to it. She loves this, the CMA girls obviously had a big influence on her ;) She has her own moves though. One is the "butterfly dance" as she calls it. I gotta get a picture of this. But basically, you spread your arms out like your flying, bend over and stick one leg up behind you as high as you can! It's hilarious! She'll then instruct me in our dance. We have to dance together for a while, then she'll go and take her place in a corner and bend down and wait while I do a solo, then she declares it is her turn and I have to go bend down in the corner while she has a solo! This also definitely comes from watching CMA perform! Well towards the end of our dance time she suddenly turns to me and says, "Mommy you no pretty good dance, I am pretty good dancer!" HA! EXCUSE ME! Evidently I am not as good as she is at dancing!?

Today we were at a friend house for dinner. I was sitting on the couch and she came and plopped down in front of me and says, "Mommy, massage!" Totally cracked me up. She gets this from me, cause I do that to Daddy all the time!

Last night her good buddy Kouki came to spend the night. They had sooooooooo much fun! I'll have to share pics of that soon, when we get them loaded onto the computer!

She is such a blast!