Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few recent pics...

For your viewing enjoyment ;)

On a recent concert road trip Hana fell asleep with her crown on! It was soooooooo cute!

We won a Wii and Wii Fit in a drawing recently. Hana likes the soccer game (she still holds the high score) and the ski jump. Her favorite part of the ski jump is to NOT jump so she rolls down the hill and becomes a snow ball! Silly girl!

getting ready to NOT ski jump!

Daddy is becoming a professional photographer (of sorts) and this is one great shot he took recently!

On a recent trip to the park...

Talking on the phone with Mommy! Her voice sounded as sweet as she looks in this picture!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sports day...

Sports day is a BIG deal in Japan. You might remember last years sports day and a video here! They spend weeks practicing and preparing for sports day here. They PRACTICE every event! So that the big day will be perfect! And it shows, it is always such a major production and I am always soooooooooo impressed!

This year Hana was a little more into it than last year. Last year she was just smiling and laughing and being directed where to go and what to do. This year, it seemed she knew what she was doing, and she got serious about some of the events! We hope you enjoy the pictures...

On the way to Sports Day she was so excited it was hard to get her to slow down, as you can see by how far ahead of us she was!

She was the first student in her class to arrive and after putting on her team hat, she had to sit and wait patiently for the rest of her classmates to show up!

Below is Hana's poster of herself, which she colored! All of the children had colored a self portrait and they were all strung in a zig-zag pattern above our heads across the preschool playground.

Hana's class parading around the grounds.

Hana getting ready to show us her class dance. She spent most of her time during the dance just looking at us and smiling and waving. Her teacher says that everyday they would practice the dance outside she would stand around and suck her thumb. On rainy days she when they would practice inside she would join in the dance! No one can figure out why she won't dance outside!!!

This is the beginning of Hana's race!

She pulls ahead of the pack...

and rounding the first corner, it's Hana in the lead and gaining ground!!!

She just makes it look so easy!

The winner is... HANA!!!!!!!! (she won her race last year too, I wonder if we have a track runner on our hands)

This is where the white team and the red team compete to see who can get the most balls in a basket up high over the heads!

The basketball player in Mommy can't help but be excited about that follow-through! Just look at that! We have to work on squaring up though ; )

And she will surely be good at rebounds!

thorough at rebounding too!

and don't forget to make sure Mommy's watching!

Then the grandparents got to join in the game, and here is Hana with her Baba!

Next up, the parents in the centipede race! Daddy was the leader of the orange team. GO Orange! (unfortunately they lost cause the lady behind Rocky wouldn't let him speed up, she kept screaming she was gonna fall down everytime he tried to speed up! LOL)

And finally Mommy and Hana in the obstacle course!

The balance beam...

Jump through the hoops...

and a piggy back ride to the finish!

You did such a great job Hana-baby! Mommy is so proud of you!!!

Let's go eat lunch, I'm starved!