Monday, December 15, 2008

What rabbit?

This past weekend, Hana's preschool had their Christmas pageant. Hana was a bunny rabbit in her portion of the program. She came home today with her little rabbit hat on her head and has been wearing it around the house since then. After dinner Daddy and Hana were playing. Daddy had a huge cardboard tube, that came from the middle of a roll of wrapping paper and he was pretending to use it as a fighting stick. This is the conversation that took place...

Daddy: "Mommy, you need to wrap some more presents so that we can have another stick!" (so that he and Hana can pretend to fight together)
Mommy: "Well from what I understand, you have a present that needs to be wrapped!" (One for me that has been sitting in a bag in the hallway for a few days! LOL)
Daddy: "Oh, yea, I do!"
Mommy: "So go get it out and wrap it!"
Hana: "Huuuhhhhhhh? What rabbit?"

LOL!!!! get it?