Monday, April 23, 2007


Every night before bed, we read a Bible story with Hana. Then after it has been read to her, she takes her little Bible from me and begins to flip through the pages and pretend to read as well. Tonight Daddy and I were sitting on the couch together listening to her read to us, and we were noticing some of the things she was saying and whispering to each other about it. Hana stopped reading and turned to us and said, "Listen!" and then went back to reading. We both thought that was funny (it sounds exactly like what we say to her when she isn't paying attention during Bible story time) and we giggled about it. At that point Hana stopped again and turned to us and said, "Listen!" So funny!

She said it in a kind voice but it was still funny that she has learned the clear meaning of that word, and she used it so perfectly.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bye bye, bow-wow

Well Hana had her first death in the family tonight. For Christmas Baba gave Hana a little ceramic dog that barks when it detects motion. I wondered how long he would last. He was supposed to be perched in our entryway to announce visitors, but there was no way I was going to put him there where he would also wake up a little girl all the time. And Hana also would not have stood for bow-wow living in the entryway. For weeks she has carried this puppy around as a toy, feeding him, putting him to bed, giving him baths (in available card board boxes) and just generally loving on him like she does all her favorite dolls and stuffed toys. I was amazed that a ceramic dog was so appealing to a two year old, but she loved him. Probably partially because he was a gift from one of her favorite people. Well tonight while preparing herself and bow-wow for bed, Hana was carrying him and she tripped and fell on top of him. Mommy was at the gym, so Daddy was on hand to witness the event, and unfortunately bow-wow broke! Daddy says she was really upset that bow-wow met with the end of his life as her toy. We could glue him back together, but I think he would just meet the same fate again soon, and I would rather her not keep playing with a cermaic toy (although sturdy it was) so we are going to bury bow-wow tomorrow. Or maybe just let bow-wow disappear overnight.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gagas and Bam...

Hana LOVES her Gagas and Bam (Gram and Gramps) and we called them this morning. It was so cute. She told them "yubs shuuuu" several times, and talked about what she's been doing, then she took off and I thought she was going to play. I was just chating with Mom and Tracy when Hana comes back YELLING, "MOMMY, GAGAS, GAGAS, GAGAS!!!!!!!!" and I look to see her carrying her family photo album that I made for her. I laminated pictures of as many of her family members as I could from our last trip to America, and tied it into a book for her. She hasn't looked at that book in a while, but she went to find it so she could see Gagas and Bam! I thought that was so cute! Then she proceeds to say, "See Gagas, See Bam!" Rocky and I were like, oh boy we're in trouble now! She wants to go see them! We weren't planning a trip back to the states until early 2008, but I sort of agree with Hana, I want to see Gagas and Bam! hmmmmmmmmm (as Hana would say when she is deep in tought)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Homemade Easter basket...

Well I'm sort of limited on my Easter supplies here in Japan and waited too long to order anything (which would have been outrageously expensive anyways) so we got creative for her Easter eggs and basket! I found a little pattern for making a basket online, and used our old milk cartons to hand make the basket. I printed out some stickers to decorate the outside of the basket. But then came the challenge of coloring the eggs. Well, I found Japanese food coloring but it is all "natural" and not very potent. The red, yellow and green did OK with coloring, but the blue and purple would NOT color the eggs at all! Oh well, we got some pretty pastels. Except for one egg that I left sitting in the green coloring for a couple of hours. It got REALLY green!

Happy Easter to my sweet baby.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Cherry Blossoms!

Our little flower girl enjoying cherry blossoms!!! (Hana's name means flower so we try to get her picture with flowers as much as possible!)

Here is Hana's very first Cherry Blossom season, she was 7 months old!!!

And here is last year!

And again this year... she has grown so much!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just some stuff before I forget...

I am trying to keep a running log of the things she is learning and happenings, so today I have time during her nap to type and I'm just gonna try to remember all the stuff she has been doing lately.

I am trying to get her to begin to learn phonics but she is completely uninterested. She has a poster on the wall in the bath with the ABC's on it and she has them all memorized, so I thought maybe it was getting boring just identifying the letters so we can start learning what the letters say. She looks at me like I am a complete idiot when I try to get her to repeat that "B says buh". I guess it hasn't sunk in that B is more than just a B, it stands for a sound. Oh well, I'll keep trying!

Our car can seat three in the front and three in the back and the middle seats will adjust on a sliding rail, so that they can be pushed back. This means that Hana can sit in the front with us, and her seat is just slid back for safety (so the airbags won't get in case of a crash). Until now we've always had her in the back but recently we took a short day trip with friends and we put Hana up front with us so our friends could be in the back with their child. She loved it and we were surprised to enjoy having her up front with us in the middle. So we've left her there, and it is amazing to see how much she observes as we drive around and how much she knows. We didn't know that she knew the names of so many shops or could identify so many letters and numbers, etc. This girl is one smart little cookie.

She is speaking English almost exclusively with us and other English speakers and switching to Japanese with Japanese speakers. I am trying to figure out if this is just a learned/conditioned response or if she knows the difference between the two langauges. I don't think she knows that they are two totally different languages yet, although she does know that most everything in her world has two names. It's kind of hard to explain why I think she doesn't totally understand the difference yet, but it is still amazing what her mind is doing with the two languages. I have read that they don't consciously know the difference until the age of four. I am just soooo relieved that I have been able to condition her to respond to me in English most of the time. Many of her words that were automatically coming out in Japanese EVERYTIME, are now coming out in English OR both. Like she'll say, "Mommy, mite, look look" or something like that. Now we'll throw another kink in the formula when she starts going to preschool three days a week in May! UGH!

When either Rocky and I turn on the "oh boy your in trouble" tone, her response has become so cute. She'll immediately look up at us and in the sweet voice say, "Ok Mommy!" And stop what she is doing. That little "OK" sounds so sweet.

We borrowed a Little Einstein DVD from friends and she LOVES this show. I downloaded a season of Dora on iTunes but I'll probably be downloading Little Einstein sometime soon too. This show is so educational, in Art, Music and Science. I am amazed that she loves it so much, and it teaches majorly big words, like metamorphosis and metropolitan and stuff. She's gonna sound like a 40 year old at 4! No wonder kids these days blow me away with their vocabulary. They learn it from CARTOONS!

Right now in Japan is election season and one of the ways they campaign is to drive around in vans with big signs on them, and a loud speaker. They wave at everyone and yell their name a million times a minute through that speaker. Talk about distrurbing the peace. Anyways, she always asks "What's that?" when she sees them and Mommy always tells her, "Those are politicians, they are campaigning." So today we were driving around and saw one of those vans and she said "Mommy, ticians!" I've been teaching her to wave at them cause if you do the person yelling on the loud speaker gets all excited and thanks you for your support and everyone riding along waving gets so excited too and they wave real big and smile! It's funny to watch and it must make their day after so many people ignore them all day long. She won't wave with me yet, maybe tomorrow!

She is GREAT at saying, "Thank you" "You're welcome" "please" and other polite little things. She is so polite and we didn't really work hard to make her say these things, she just does it.

I'm sure there has to be more but that is all I can think of right now!