Saturday, April 19, 2008

She's here!!!

Hana is in America!!!!!!!!! It has been an awesome trip for her. What an Angel! She traveled like a pro. Never fussed, not even once. And she slept for about NINE hours on the long flight between Tokyo and D/FW! She did amazing. She has slept through the night both nights since we got home also. I knew she would do well, but she is far surpassing even my greatest expectations.

She is love love loving being spoiled by Mim and Grandad. Mim took her to the toy aisle and let her pick out a toy when we got here. I believe that is the first time in her life she has ever had the priviledge of picking out a toy for herself! We have never wanted her to get the idea that every time she sees toys, we’ll buy her one, so we’ve never bought a toy for her in her presence. She was SO excited to get that toy. It was a Dora picnic basket set, and she loves it, hasn’t put it down since she got it. It is so adorable too, it has toy tortillas in it! They are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

Tonight, at an area wide youth event, she charmed the entire room of people! She had them all wrapped around her little finger within minutes. It has been so fun to watch her relate to everyone. She is certainly different in her personality when she is surrounded by Americans/English speakers, and when she is surrounded by Japanese. It is fascinating to watch.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Some new pics and an update...

Hana caught something at preschool this week. She'd been coughing for about two days when she woke up Saturday morning with a pretty high temp. I think around 102F (38.8 C), our thermometer is C so I'm not sure and am too tired to go find a converter online and convert it! LOL We got her some meds, and the fever just climbed higher and higher throughout the day. I prayed over her every time I layed hands on her. By night time her fever hit 40.2 once. We kept up fever reducing suppositories as often as allowed, ice packs around her neck and cold compress on her forhead, etc. She did not sleep well and when she finally did fall asleep at 2am after another fever reducer brought the temp down a little bit, I couldn't sleep! I think I was awake until 4am and then when I did sleep it was a very light sleep because I was so "aware" and every tiny noise woke me up. I am so exhausted today. I'm missing Sunday morning worship for the first time in I don't know how many years!!!

This morning she still had about 40 temp but it finally began to break after breakfast! Praise the Lord! I enlisted some of my online friends to pray and that did the trick! She is upstairs taking a nap right now, and I should lay down for a while too. I think in all I got maybe 2 hours sleep last night.

She's so funny. We went to the doctor and the grocery store with her in her pajamas yesterday and she kept saying, "Mommy, I forgot to change my clothes!" Made me chuckle every time. And this sweet little thing, why is it that she is the one who is sick, but she is telling Mommy, "It's ok Mommy. Fever's all gone, cough all better!" I think she sees the worry in my eyes and wants to make me feel better. Little darling.

Well, hope you enjoyed this little update. I'm gonna go lay down for a bit. **yawn**