Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funny line for the day...

Mommy: "Okay Hana, bath is ready!"
Hana: "ummmmm, how 'bout next week Mommy?"

Hilarious laughter erupts from the adults in the room!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This girl is a TALKER! It seems especially so lately. She is full of questions and loves to have a conversation. I wish I could keep a written record of all the cute things she says.

Last night at 4a.m. Hana began hollaring out for me. I went and got her and put her in bed with us cause she was a little scared. She started asking random questions and for a good 30 minutes the conversation went on like this...

Hana: Momma, how you spell Mommy?
Mommy: "m-o-m-m-y"
Hana: Wow that's lots of M's!

Slight pause, maybe she's going to go to sleep???

Hana: Momma, that a person in that closet?
Mommy: No that's just Mommy's clothes
Hana: Momma, what's that?
Mommy: That's the ceiling fan.
Hana: Why?
Mommy: So we can keep cool in the summer.

Slight pause, maybe she's going to go to sleep???

Hana: Momma, how you spell Robynn?
Mommy: r-o-b-y-n-n
Hana: How you say inhaler in commo estada? (commo estada - Spanish)
Mommy: I don't know you have to ask Daddy.
Hana: Daddy, how you say inhaler in... Momma, what that words?
Mommy: Spanish
Hana: Daddy, how you say inhaler in that Spinach?
(Mommy chuckles, Daddy answers in a groggy voice)

Slight pause, maybe she's gonna go to sleep????

Hana: Momma, what's that light over there?
Mommy: That's the apartment building outside.

etc. etc. etc. That went on for like 30 minutes before I finally told her it is time to try to fall asleep. She kissed Mommy and Daddy good night and eventually went to sleep.

So fun to talk to my girl, but I prefer conversations in the daytime, not at 4 a.m.

Today when she got home from preschool she said...
"Mommy, I love you!" I said thank you and she said, "THAT is a present!" I agreed that her love is surely a precious present to Mommy!

Last night as I was taking her up to bed, she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and said, "Mommy, you my friend and I'm your friend! YOU'RE my BEST friend!" Mommy's heart melted into a puddle on the floor!!! :)

She is too precious for words!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

First game of Go Fish!

My dearest cousin Robynn is here right now and she's got the gift of teaching a child. The other night she got Hana interested in playing cards and before long they were playing Go Fish! I was amazed that Hana could do it. For months and months and months I have been trying to get her to want to know her numbers again (she used to know them all and then totally lost interest). This has been PERFECT for getting her to review her numbers. She has 6 and 9 mixed up and for the life of her sometimes can't remeber 10, but otherwise she does great with the game!

Here are some pics of her playing!

"Yes, Mommy, I have a 3, here ya go!"

"hmmmmmm, which card should I ask for?"

"I'll ask for THIS ONE!"

"Oh, wait a minute, is this a 6 or a 9???"

"I got a match!"

"I WIN!!!!!!!!"

She's a great sport. If she doesn't win, it's no big deal. She encourages others if they get sad cause they aren't doing so well. And she is so happy when she has a card in her hand that you asked for! She loves to give her cards away! It is so fun to be able to play games together. She's wanted to play everyday since she learned how! Thanks Robynn for getting my girl interested in her numbers again!