Saturday, April 04, 2009

Daddy, I foget you!

Hana said the cutest and most profound thing the other day. She came home to find that Daddy had accidentally stepped into her toy baby stroller and broken the strap holding up one side of the "seat". I told her that Mommy could sew it back up soon and she was so sweet about it. Daddy came over and said, "I'm sorry Hana, I broke your stroller." and Hana responded, "That's okay Daddy, I forget you!" I thought that was so cute and sort of a profound mix up of words. To replace forgive with forget! Maybe we should all do that when we forgive.

Hana is really growing so much it seems. She seems taller to me, although I haven't had a chance to check her height lately. Her legs seem so long, and she could reach a light switch today that she always need a boost to reach until now. She weighs 16 kilo now. That's what, about 35 pounds! All I know is she is really heavy and I can't hold her for very long anymore.

And of course I must share some pics!

Getting ready for bath time!

Walking home from preschool together.

Daddy beat her to the front door and she was heart broken.

Little toes in the creek at the park!

Climbing a hill with her best buddy Corkey!