Thursday, January 25, 2007

A long awaited update...

Well, I finally put aside some time today to download pics off of the camera and put them here for y'all to see!!! She's growing up so fast, she is 2 years and 5 months this week! I can not believe it. I was looking back through all her albums on the adoption website the other day and times has flown by so fast, but it seems unreal to me that she was ever that small.

She has gotten so independent. Poor thing gets so frustrated because she wants to do things by herself but can't yet! And Mommy is the bad guy when I force her to let me help her (like when she needs to go teetee and get can't her pants down and get up on the potty by herself). It's funny but frustrating at the same time. But Mommy really loves the fact that she is so determined to do things herself! That's a great attitude to have! She has mastered putting on her shoes by herself, and can sometimes put on pants. She is pretty good at undressing alone. But Mommy's favorite part, she eats all by herself now!!! Next step, making it herself? (that's year away right!)

Her vocabulary is beyond what I can keep up with now. She is picking up lots of words a day, and sentences are getting longer and longer. There are days I think her English is stronger and days it seems like all she speaks is Japanese. I bet that means there is a pretty good balance. Her knowledge of the alphabet is amazing and can identify them randomly if you point to any letter anywhere, and she recognizes a few words (because of a video she watches). We continue to do preschool, and lots of other activities for learning. She loves to learn and that is great! She sang along with me on the ABC's the other night in the bath.

Here's the pics for ya, enjoy!

Gig Em Aggies!!!!!!! (a cheerleader for Mommy's college! Thanks Gram and Gramps)

A wedding we attended recently. The bride was name "pretty, pretty" according to Hana!

Let's go home Daddy!
Hana had to have an apron and head cover for her preschool class this week so Mommy made them for her. It is sooooooo sweet when she wears it. This is Hana baby doing the dishes for Mommy!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vocabulary EXPLOSION!!!

This little girl is talking up a storm. And so much of it is in English, this Mommy has finally put her doubt about whether she'd be totally bilingual to rest. She is speaking a whole lot in both languages, and is beginning to be able to seperate the two languages if told to say something in one or the other!

She is so hilarious though. Get what happened the other day. We were on our way to eat with some friends. She was asking if they had arrived and I said, "no, nobody is here yet." Well lately Hana loves the word nobody, she'll open the door to an empty room and say "nobody?" and then loudly proclaim that nobody is there! Well our friends were not at the restaurant but other people were here and there, so she asked again, and I said, "nobody is here yet" and she said, "Mommy! No, No, Yesbody!" This inteligent little muchkin made up her own word for "somebody" and I think it is just about the most creative thing for such a little mind to come up with! So now Rocky and I have decided to replace the word somebody with yesbody in our speach!!! LOL! and now, when she sees babies, she says, "babybody!" What a riot!

She is really beginning to express so much and it is so fun. I especially love that when I have been away from her for a little while likes to try to tell me what happened while I was gone. So fun to try to figure out what she is saying and she gets so excited when I understand!

She is becoming such a loving affectionate child. She randomly tells us she loves us. She sometimes runs to us and wants a hug, and when we pick her up she wraps those little arms around our neck and tightly as she can and squeezes. She scrunches up her face when she does it too! So cute! she is also saying "I missed you" when we've been away.

She is also a very helpful, very generous little girl. She loves to help out, so we have no problems with disobedience when we go to the store or out in public. I just get her to help me, gathering up groceries or whatever. She loves it! and she loves to help me wash dishes or clean up the room. She wants to help so much, sometimes I have to ask her not to, because it can make the job more difficult for Mommy sometimes.

So very very precious!!!!!!