Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A few pics and stuff...

She was sooooooooo proud of this tower that she built. I have some video of her with it too, and hopefully will have time to post that soon.

Daddy memorializing the baby girl's artistic creation with a picture!!!!!!

This little darling is getting so big! She is almost able to dress herself without help (when you can trick her into doing it without realizing she is doing it)! For some reason if she realizes you aren't helping her get dressed she gets all grumpy and whiny and wants "Mommy try, Daddy try!"

She is really starting to sing songs these days. Hopefully I can get a video of that up too. She LOVES to sing the ABC's and will do that while she's playing. We also catching her humming the tune of some classical music she's learned on Little Einstein shows. She sings along with her CD's in the car now. It is so fun to watch her learning songs. It is so funny, in the video we have of her singing, Daddy is playing a song off of the computer that she sings everyday at preschool this month. The song is about the sound of rain and why it rains. It is rainy season so it is a very appropriate song. But Hana doesn't know all the words and she makes up some things as she goes along. In the video at one point she sings (in Japanese "kusai") "It STINKS!" SO FUNNY!

Lately she is captivated by the bodily funtion of pooting! Whenever someone poots she says "What you say?" and waits for them to say "excuse me". But the funniest thing is, she'll say, "Mommy, it coming!" and then she'll poot and just laugh and laugh and say, "cuze me" (excuse me). She may have a little bit of "Rudd" in her afterall (Mommy's side of the family!) Or actually she probably gets it from both sides... DADDY!

She loves to wash dishes these days, and going to preschool has really taught her to pick up her toys much better than before. They tell us at preschool that she is very obedient, she never cries and she is soooooooooooooooo CUTE! Everybody at the preschool just loves her.

She is a bundle of energy and fun. She loves to give Mommy and Daddy hugs and kisses. She's just a little sweetheart. Growing up so fast! TOO fast!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some pics to enjoy...

It's been a while since I posted some pictures so I thought I would put some up for everyone to enjoy!

Mommy's counter space is now big enough for ME to help her cook. And LOOK, this is my favorite food in the whole world! (no kidding, she LOVES 'cumbers)

Tickle time!

This little sweetheart is doing so well! She's grown 2cm, and now is 84cm tall! That's 2'9". She's still on the petite side. Her 24 months size clothing fits her perfectly right now. 2Ts are still pretty big and 3Ts are huge! But we wear it all anyways!

She is speaking both languages really really well. I am amazed at what she communicates with us these days. And she switches to English with us without being told to most of the time! She's getting to be a pro at translating too. The other day Mommy and Daddy were talking in the car and Baba was wondering what we were talking about (the conversation was in English) and in the back Hana told her what we were talking about in Japanese! too cute!

I'll have to come back later to post some more details. But just wanted everyone to know that we are doing great!