Monday, May 04, 2009

She's starting to READ!

Hana is just growing and learning and changing all the time! A couple of weeks ago I ordered some early readers that a friend suggested, and started to work with her on them. She is now reading some words, when she feels like putting some effort into it. And she read a whole book the other day. Of course it was a really simple book, but I am so excited. Can't wait for her to learn more.

She also just loves her baby brother. It is so cute to watch them together. She wants to be as close to him as she can get. We can't get it across to her that she doesn't have to get nose-to-nose with him, but can leave a little bit of distance between her face and his so he will enjoy her presence and not get frustrated by it. Sometimes she plays really well with him though and he enjoys it a lot. He is smiling and laughing at her more and more all the time. As we were driving along in the car today I heard her say, "Kai, you the baby brother the whole wide world." Which I think she means the BEST baby brother in the whole wide world. It was so cute.

I thought we had completely give up the thumb, but she got sick and started sucking on it some again. She wants to stop again though and keeps coming to tell me that she didn't suck her thumb last night, or at preschool all day and so forth. We will see if she totally has kicked the habit on her own in time I guess. But if she hasn't by the time she starts losing baby teeth, we are taking drastic measures. In the third picture below you can see the gap between her top and bottom teeth even though she is almost biting down in that pic, and the odd shape of her first two top teeth. I don't know if her permanent teeth are already affected by this, but I want that thumb a thing of the past once they start coming in for sure!

All that to say she is doing wonderful! We are so blessed to be her Mommy and Daddy!