Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Game night...

Oh I have been looking forward to this for so long. Hana is finally old enough to have game night!!!!!!!! It is so fun.

Last night after dinner I just decided to break out a game board that she was given. It's Dora Candy Land. The box says 3 years and up. We've tried games before, particularly "Memory" and it didn't go so well, she didn't want to play by the rules. So I didn't know if this would go over well or not.

It wasn't too bad though. The little game pieces were so cute and fascinating it was hard for her to leave them ON the board. But she got the gist of how to move the pieces pretty quickly. She loses interest if the game starts taking too long, but otherwise I think it was a great success.

Here are some pics of us playing for you to enjoy...

"Is it my turn yet?"

"No Hana, you're piece is the backpack, over here! Don't move Daddy's piece!"

It's almost bed time, but "just ONE more game Daddy, PLEEEEEASE!!!"

Boots, Dora, Backpack and Diego all made it to the Fiesta at the finish line several times this evening! Thanks you guys!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hide 'n Go Seek, Hana style!!!

Yesterday we some how ended up playing a game of hide 'n go seek in our house, just the three of us. Hana has yet to really get the point of this game, not sure why. But here is how it goes with Hana...

Hana says, "Mommy count!"

So I start counting and she and Daddy take off to hide. As soon as I finish counting Hana happily bursts out of her hiding place and comes running for me! She loves it! The point for her is to hide! She's had her fun, why wait for someone to come and find her? Then she joins me in going to find Daddy.

We tried explaining to her that she needs to stay where she is until we find her.

Then she declares it is Daddy's turn to count. So we try again. As soon as Daddy finsihes counting out she comes, happy as a lark to have hidden! AND in the exact same place as the time before. Then they set off together to find me.

We went through this several times. The only time she would stay in her hiding place until she was found was if I stayed with her. But even then, it was still the exact same hiding place as before!

You just gotta love it! It totally cracks me up, and some day she'll play like normal and it won't be this cute! I love this age!!!