Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some new video...

REading a story book to us...

Looking at fish at the aquarium...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Before I forget...

I have to write this one down before I forget about it. Then I have to come back later and post a real update, I didn't realize it had been so long.

Anyways, on the way to preschool this morning Hana was asking what I am going to do today. I told her that Daddy and I have to go to a meeting and I was explaining to her who would be there. Lately she doesn't want to go to preschool, but would rather stay with us. She knows the things we do and even has to go with us sometimes and I think she is beginning to wonder why on some days she has to go to preschool and other days she can stay with us (we take her with us one days that our ministry will make it impossible to pick her up ontime from school, on weekends, and on holidays when the school is closed). Most days she protests about going to school. So, then the conversation went like this...

Hana: "Hana go meeting too?"
Mommy: "No, you have to go to preschool today."
Hana: "Hana no sleep?" (do I have to take a nap today)
Mommy: "Yes, today you will take a nap at school today."
Hana: "Hana no take a nap!"
Mommy: "oh, sweety, you have to be at preschool today and you'll need to lay down at nap time"
Hana: "Preschool, no thank you. Hana, Mommy, Daddy meeting together."
Mommy: "Oh Hana, you'll have so much fun at preschool today!"
Hana: "No thank you"
Mommy: "oh sweety, you should decide at the start of your day to have a fun day, and then it will be fun."

At this point she kind of furrowed her brow and I could tell she was deep in thought. We pulled into preschool and made our way to her room. She was silent and seemed to still be deep in thought. Usually once we arrive at preschool she clings to me and often cries when I leave. Today she didn't follow me around the room clinging to my leg as I was putting her things away, and she bounced into the room after putting her shoes away and smiled at me and said, "Mommy, I have fun today!" She hugged and kissed me and ran off to her place at the table where they were they were taking their break for morning milk.

It just made me so proud. She pondered what I said about deciding to have fun, and she took my advice!!! I was just so amazed at her little three year old mind being able to comprehend that and THEN deciding to have a positive attitude! Kids are amazing, or should I say, MY daughter is amazing!