Saturday, July 29, 2006

What a personality!

Hana is sooooooooooo full of personality. It is so fun to see, she LOVES people and LOVES being in a group. She is just like her Daddy!

A few weeks back she suddenly decided one day that Rocky is "Daddy" and not "DaDa". I couldn't believe it was such a sudden change, but she always says Daddy now. I miss it and I will be sad when mama becomes Mommy, if it ever does.

I'm also very sad that baby bed days are gone. She is in an open bed now (her baby bed left open like a big girl bed) and I just can't believe it. She made that transition herself too, she just didn't want to be down in that baby bed after sleeping on the floor and in the open so much the past weeks. I've been worried about her getting up by herself at night or in the morning, but she doesn't. At nap time and bed time, she stays put, and when she wakes up, she waits for us to come and get her. She never gets up herself. It amazes me.

She's precious!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

More fun pics...

I have a whole slew of cousins! And they all love me to pieces! We have had a great time hanging out together and playing!!!

It was especially interesting to go watch my cousin Hayden do Karate! He was counting in Japanese and bowing and greeting people. I got so excited, and I was proud of him!

And this is my cousin Shane! I love him so much. We played together and he gave me lots of hugs and kisses. He's such a sweet guy, just like his big brother Hayden!

And the other really fun thing I got to do at my cousins Hayden's and Shane's house...

learn to DUNK the basketball!!!

I went to see Mim and Grandad in DeLeon too! Mim and I loved to play the piano together.

and I just loved Grandad to pieces (I think he liked me a little bit too)!!!

One other really fun part of this trip is meeting a bunch of Mommy and Daddy's old friends who now have kids too! That means more PLAY TIME!!!!!!! Yippeee!!!